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Amaraseana Kodituwakku


He is born in nawimana , a smaal village close to Proud Of  Matara , Mr.Amarasena Kodituwakku had his early education at St. Thomas College Matara.He entered the college of fine arts in 1958 where he had theprivilege of traning under the guidance of distinguished senior art teachers such as david Paynter , Stanly Abesinghe , S p Charles And W A Ariyasena , 

After A devoted service spanning 30 years as an art instructor attached to Depatment Of Education , He turneda new leaf in his life becoming a full time artist since retiring from the govt , service . An artist  who embarked on somewhatdifferent path to most contempory artist Mr. Amarasena work does not entirely portray the new trends in western art forms. However , comparing his original work exhibited at his two previousexhibitions , it is clearly evident that hehas turned towards new visual experiences , depicting his own style . Although his erly paintings were mostly based on human forms ,it is clear from what is presented at this exibition that he prefers to paint with  minimal techicalities . his colours are pure and clear and his forms are simple , it has a high qulity of line work. All those  features generate and true awakening, 

it many be the experience he gained from his rural setting and the training her received during

experinces his long association with teaching art to children.

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" Renda Gedara " , Nawimana South ,Matara , Sri Lanka
041 2226988 / 071 1273067


















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